Our collections are imagined and embroidered with Smile and Passion in our little Parisian workshop!

Amour food

Amour Food is a love declaration to junk-food. Wear without moderation! Each tee-shirt has been cooked in our workshop and is shipped in his burger box, pizza and french fries box! 

Amour Toujours

Amour toujours, love is in the air...

J'irai décrocher la lune

"J’irais décrocher la lune 
J’irais voler la fortune 
Si tu me le demandais…" 

This collection is showing love as solar system! Everything turns around love.

Room service

Room service is a love declaration to the breakfast in bed.
« Do not disturb my heart » limited edition, unlimited love!


Jackets embroidered in limited edition in Paris! 


Fruitdom is a special fruits collection. Each tee-shirt is shipped with a fruit bag. 

Game Lover

Game Lover is a collection imagined as a game!
A declaration of love for the one who always wins, the bad player and for the love of the game.
Because we like playing more than anything, every order of the Game Lover collection is shipped with a deck of cards Keur Paris.

Le 06 de Keur Paris

Le 06 de Keur Paris is our iconic collection imagined for the concept store Colette. Since 2015, many couples has chosen those tee-shirts as a symbol of their love.

Last Chance

Last chance, to get those models before they will be sold out...